Community Management

We carry out all services for the communities of property owners we manage, charging a single fee, without “surprises”.

Among others, we carry out the following:

  • Procedures for the creation and legalisation of communities of property owners.
  • Writing the minutes in meetings.
  • Claims to debtors and its monitoring.
  • Preparing payslips, social insurances and manage leaves of employment.
  • Filing and paying quarterly and yearly taxes.
  • Legalisation of minute books.
  • Optimization of expenses, management and monitoring of the community’s suppliers.
  • Development of estimates, monitoring and execution.
  • Closure of the year’s payments on the 31 of December of every tax year, with timely information on the community’s situation at any given moment.
  • Call for Owners Mettings, ordinary and extraordinary, without limitation.
  • Guarantee the correct employment status of employees working in the construction work and guaranee that companies offer the pertinent coverage in the liability insurance.
  • Management of excess reserves.
  • Insurances.
  • Monitoring the compliance with legal deadlines for the revision of the electrical system, gas system, lifts, facades, technical inspections of the building, etc.
  • Extraordinary construction work. Obtaining homogeneous estimates, comparative studies and processing permits.
  • Legal advice under any circumstance arising within the community.